Electric Heat Pump / Solar Pool in Port Charlotte Florida

Tropical Pools and Spas-Electric Heat Pump / Solar Pool in Port Charlotte Florida

There are some pieces of equipment that absolutely essential for your pool maintenance and enjoyment. The equipment sidebar-option6that we are speaking about and will help you to enjoy your backyard pool even more is the electric heat pump/solar. Tropical Pools and Spas has several models of the electric heat pump/solar in stock, should you wish to purchase one.

There are electric pool heaters on the market that are energy efficient. They work by transmitting the heat that they have gathered from the air outside or the surrounding air and generate heat for the pool this way. However, these type of heaters do not work well in areas with cool to cold temperatures as they need the air to be at least 6C or more to work properly.

Another type of electric pool heaters are ones that work by using an electric current. This is also known as an electric resistance heater. An electric current applied to a heating element is what heats the water in your backyard pool.

However, solar heating panels work a little different. These are installed near the pool, on a fence or a roof. The cold water is pumped to the solar collectors which draw heat from the sun. Once the water has been heated to a certain temperature by the solar collectors, it is then released through the solar chambers which send the heated water into the pool. The cooler water in the pool is then pumped or recycled back up to the solar heating panels and the process starts all over again.

Solar heating panel are more energy efficient that the other types of pool heaters. However, they are not an on demand product. On cooler days and little sun, it will take a longer time to get the water warmed to a particular temperature. On days like this you may have to put aside having fun or exercise in the swimming pool for another day.

Electric resistance heaters are another piece of equipment that is designed to heat your pool or spa. However, these are not designed for large in ground pools. They are better designed for smaller above ground pools or for heating spas.

If you are unsure of what type of electric heat pump/solar pump to use, our professionals in building pools in the Port Charlotte FL area would be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call or send us an email. We have many years of experience in the pool building business and many satisfied customers to show for it.




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