Tropical Pools and Spas In Ground Concrete Pools

Tropical Pools and Spas In Ground Concrete Pools8

At Tropical Pools and Spas, located in Port Charlotte, FL, we know how to build in ground concrete pools that will suit the needs of our customers. There are three different types of in ground pools. They are made of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete.

Now let’s talk about in ground concrete pools and their benefits. This type of pool build is the most popular by far. The main reason for its popularity is because of its durability. There is no real reason why this type of material cannot be used in any climatic condition. A pool build of concrete also have visual appeal.

Another really pleasing factor about having a concrete in ground pool is the fact that the interior surface of the pool is completely customizable. Using this type of material in the construction of your backyard pool gives you the option to color co-ordinate the pool walls to match your backyard furniture or even the exterior of your home. The decking and coping can also compliment your pool design.

With an in ground concrete pool there is little maintenance. However, you can expect to refinish the concrete interior finish every 13 years or thereabouts. This is a minor price to pay for years of fun and leisure.  An in ground concrete pool is practically maintenance free. It is durable and can withstand fluctuating temperatures.

We at Tropical Pools and Spas know that once you hire a pool company (preferably ours) to build you the backyard pool of your dreams, you have managed to turn your home into a mini resort. Once you have your pool completed and the kids are faced with summer boredom, a splash in the pool will remedy this.  With a backyard pool there will be no need for traveling for leisure. That is, unless you really want too. Just think of all the money you will save on vacation travel with an in ground pool made of concrete in your own backyard.

Homeowners can also improve the value of their property with a backyard pool. Call us at Tropical Pools and Spas for a free quote. We are one of the best pool building companies in Port Charlotte, FL and have pleased many customers with our friendly staff, affordable pricing and workmanship.

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