All Work In House Pool Builders (Including Screen Cage)

Tropical Pools and Spas All Work In House Pool Builders (Including Screen Cage)

Sometimes when you hire a pool building company to build you a pool that you can be proud of you are often mislead. Perhaps you were under the impression that a particular company that you hired has sub-contracted out the work. More often than not, when this occurs, delays can be expected. That is because of lack of communication or poor communication at best. The end result is often poor workmanship and dissatisfaction. Well, when you hire Tropical Pools and Spas to do your pool build, there is no such thing.  We take pride in the fact that all work is done in house including the screen cage.

With having no middlemen or installers picking up where others left off, the work is done precisely as you wanted. There are no production delay due to waiting for a contractor to complete their other job before getting on over to your place. We take pride in the fact that many customers enjoy the work done by the pool building experts at Tropical Pools and Spas.

I am sure that you are aware of the Florida laws regarding pool ownership and safety requirements. You are required by law to have a barrier or screen over your pool to separate it from the house and to prevent accidental drownings.  The pool screen must have no gaps in which a child could climb over, through or under.  It must also be at least 4 feet in height.

Pool ownership is a great benefit to a home owner. It improves property value, is a place to relax and unwind, and a place to have fun and entertain. It is your responsibility to assure that you abide by Florida state laws to ensure that your family and guests are safe in and around your pool.

Tropical Pools and Spas have many screen cage designs for you to choose from. These pool screens not only help to prevent accidental drownings, they can also help to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and those annoying bugs that somehow find their way into your pool.

Pool screen enclosures come in many different styles. You can choose from these styles- Gable, Dome, Shed, Hip, and Mansard. All of the Pool Screens are designed to withstand the high winds that sometimes pass through the state of Florida.

The next time you are looking for a pool screen cage that is affordable, eye-pleasing, and meets safety regulations, call us at Tropical Pools and Spas. We take pride in our commitment to quality workmanship. Remember, all work in house including screen cage!

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