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Tropical Pools and Spas help homeowners improve their health, property value, and outdoor leisure by building a pool 7that they are proud to own. Unlike some other pool building companies, Tropical Pools is your contractor from start to finish. We service customers in the Port Charlotte, FL area and surrounding regions. One pool design product that is extremely popular with our customers is the Infinity Edge Pools.

The Infinity Edge Pools are also known by other names. Disappearing edge, negative edge, vanishing edge pool, and zero edge are a few of them. The reason why they are called this is because of the visuals obtained via the construction of the pool. Pool owners are treated to the visual effect of the pool water extending into infinity. It also gives the appearance that it is vanishing or extending into the horizon.

Overflow pools are also a form of infinity edge pools. This type of pool has one or more edges in which water flows over the edge. Many exclusive estates and resorts have this type of pool. The cost of an infinity pool is slightly higher than the other types of pools. However, if you are interested in this type of pool, Tropical Pools and Spas are one of the best pool builders in the state of Florida.

Hydraulic engineering and structural engineering is two of the concepts that go into building this type of pool. Architectural design is another. Infinity Edge Pools are built based on the soil and other geological conditions of the location in which it is to be built.  These types of pools are often built on mountain tops, cliffs, and beach fronts.

Infinity Edge Pools are absolutely beautiful. Their visual effect is something that will astonish family and guests, time after time. A catch basin is built at the end of the pool. It is lower than the level of the pool water. Water is recycled by being pumped back into the pool from the catch basin.

When you hire us to build you the pool of your dreams you know that you are hiring the services of a dependable pool building company. We at Tropical Pools and Spas perform all of the pool building work ourselves. There are no sub-contractors. No middlemen. We also stand behind our business expertise. All work carries a one year warranty.

If you are located in the Port Charlotte, FL area and surrounding vicinity and want an infinity pool built, call us at Tropical Pools and Spas. We would be more than glad to assist you in creating the pool of your dreams.

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