Salt Generation Pools in Port Charlotte Florida

Tropical Pools and Spas- Salt Generation Pools in Port Charlotte Florida

1Although there are many pools on the market that will enhance your property value and provide you with years of enjoyment, nothing speaks of convenience like the salt generation pools. Here at Tropical Pools and Spas this type of pool available for sale. In fact, we have many different models of pools for you to choose from if you are interested in hiring us to build you a pool that will be the envy of you neighbors, we rise to the challenge!

Now before we get into explaining the salt generations pools to you, first off we want to mention that we service customers in the Port Charlotte FL and the surrounding areas. Customers have come to depend on us for all their pool building needs. We are also proud that all of our work is done in house. From start to finish Tropical Pools and Spas are right by your side.

As for the salt generation pools, it is really a chlorine generation system which has been introduced as part of pool maintenance since the last 20 years. This type of pool is also known as a salt water pool and is a system that provides pool water sanitation. Having a salt generation pool eliminates the need for the pool owner to deal with using, adding, handling, and storing chlorine on their premises.

While the pool pump is running, chlorine is automatically generated, continuously. Keeping the system free of mineral and calcium deposits is what keeps it running smoothly. Algae growth is prevented  because of the residual chlorine levels that never dissipate. The water is conditioned and soft. As a result of this, a swimmer is refreshed and invigorated. Their skin stays soft and supple and does not dry out.

A salt cell and power center are the basis of the salt chlorine generator. Chemical changes which produce the chlorine is generated by the electrolysis process. Chlorine gas is released and dissolves into the water once the electrical charge is generated. A mixture of pure chlorine and water makes its way through the pool system.

Approximately 1.45 lbs of chlorine are produced daily by the low concentration of salt that dissolves in pool water. This salt has been released by the salt generator and nothing more needs to be added to the pool water. This type of pool is virtually maintenance free.

Tropical Pools and Spas have salt generation pools for sale. We can build and install a salt generation pool for your home if you wish to have this type of pool. We serve customers in the Port Charlotte FL area and surrounding regions and are known for our expertise in building backyard pools that our customers come to know and love.

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