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Tropical Pools and Spas- Sun Loungers in Port Charlotte Florida

You all are enjoying the warm weather, having fun, and getting some exercise in that backyard pool of yours, now aren’t you? If you do not have a backyard pool and are thinking strongly about investing in one, call us or email us at Tropical Pools and Spas for a free price quote. We service customers in the Port Charlotte FL region and surrounding areas. Now that you are busy enjoying your backyard paradise, I want to mention another product that will enhance your enjoyment while you are partaking in all that fun and shine. The product I am talking about is Sun Loungers.

There are two different types of Sun Loungers that are perfect for your backyard pool. One of them is the type that is used on your pool deck. The other type is one that you can lounge in while relaxing in your pool. The ones that are used on your pool deck come in various colors and materials. There are also many different designs for pool deck sun loungers. Many styles are fitted with casters for easy maneuvering and stack for easy storage. They are built for prolonged use and are quite durable.

The other type of Sun Loungers that really enhance your pool experience is the ones that you put in the water to sit on and float around in the pool. These also come in many different styles and colors and are constructed from various materials.  All of them have a molded frame and can be purchased with or without a cushion. The more economical ones are basically the molded frame with lounging capabilities for one person. The ones that are a little pricier are usually equipped with a full length padded pillow and cushion and may have a cut out area on one of the arm rests for drinks and quite possibly, snacks.

Sun loungers are actually very rugged and will give you many years of enjoyment. No matter what type of lounger you want or need, they will only enhance your enjoyment of your backyard pool.

Tropical Pools and Spas carry several styles of Sun Loungers. If you are thinking about getting a pool built for your backyard or are interested in purchasing Sun Loungers for your pool, give us a call. You can also stop by our showroom if you happen to live in the Port Charlotte area or surrounding regions.

Our customers are very pleased with the pool building service that we have provided for them over the years and we would love to include you as our customer. Call Tropical Pools and Spas today!

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